What’s Special


First-ever sensorless motor commutation technology for applications seeing high torques at low/zero speeds

Proven, Fundamental Technology

In use in over 1 million vehicles for a traction application. Deployment since Mar 2018

Legacy Sensorless Motor Control

SEDEMAC Sensorless Motor Control

Key Advantages of SEDEMAC Sensorless Motor Controls

No NVH Concern

Full certainty of direction from stand-still

Proven for PM Synchronous (SPM, IPM) and field excited machines

Applicable to both ICE/EV powertrains & a variety of subsystems

Applications of Immediate Interest

Motorcycles & Scooters: ISG for ICE vehicles, EV Traction

E-Bikes: Motor Controllers

Automotive: BSG for ICE
Powertrains, EV Traction, EPS, Wipers, Seats

Powered Equipment: Battery operated chainsaws, mowers, tools, etc., ISG for engine-powered mowers, snowmobiles, off-road vehicles

Key advantages of SEDEMAC Sensorless Motor Controls​

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