Ursa Bms

SEDEMAC has been developing a suite of products for OEMs participating in the EV story. SEDEMAC provides complete control and power electronics solution-set for electric vehicle (EV) and hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) systems. The portfolio includes motor controllers, battery management systems, and DC/DC converters.

The battery management segment is catered by Ursa BMS, intended for 48V lithium ion batteries. It has modern State of Charge (SOC) estimators. Ursa supports up to 14 cells in series. It monitors cell voltages, battery pack temperature, and battery pack current to enable passive balancing, battery protection and battery state estimation.


Modern state of charge estimators based on Kalman filters in BMS, provide a significant improvement in SOC estimation as compared to traditional algorithms such as coulomb counting or terminal voltage-based state estimation


  • Designed for 48V lithium battery packs
  • Supports up-to 14 cells in series
  • Kalman filter based State of Charge(SOC) estimation
  • Passive balancing with 300-ohm shunt




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