Transmission Control

SEDEMAC’s transmission control solutions are designed to Automate Manual Transmission (AMT) systems from automotive powertrains. The company houses an infrastructure to design and manufacture transmission controllers to directly serve original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) of automotive powertrains around the world.

The traditional approach to designing AMT control solutions for automotive powertrains has been to make control strategies for clutching and gear shifting use the only the sensor generated information. Such an approach allows for a quick development, but does not always result in smooth gear shifting experience and quick response to torque demands from the end user.

SEDEMAC uses “model based design” approach while designing AMT controllers. In particular, the company utilizes its proprietary knowhow, such as sensor-less torque estimation techniques, to develop and refine control strategies for clutching and gear shifting in automotive powertrains. Such an approach results in smooth and responsive experience for the end user at the same hardware costs as that for the traditional approach. The company offers the following solutions:

Automated Manual Transmissions (AMT) ECU

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