SEDEMAC is a technology company committed to establish itself as a leading technology partner of control-intensive products for automotive & off-highway powertrains. The company aspires a unique position for itself in the "engine and powertrain controls"​ space -- a technology regime considered to be traditionally under-served. SEDEMAC's solutions arise from investment of quality man-years in building deep understanding of the interplay between the physics of powertrains and realizable end-user experience. A key focus area for SEDEMAC is to create meaningful differentiators or offer “world’s-first” technologies through intellectual property developed in house.

For example, the company’s Smart Ignition solution -- launched in 2013 – was the first “load-sensing” ignition timing solution offered in the Indian 2-wheeler space that led to superior fuel economy while eliminating a throttle position sensor from the engine system. The solution earned the position of #1 in market share within four years of launch.

Another example is the ‘Sensor-less’ Integrated Starter Generator (ISG) technology for small engines that makes use of a standard brushless magneto as the starter. In comparison with the prevalent engine-starter or start/stop solutions, SEDEMAC’s ISG controller offers vastly improved reliability to the end user at much lower system cost and complexity coupled with fuel savings. The company believes that Sensorless ISG would be the default starting technology of the future in small engine applications including 2-wheelers and lawn mowers.

In the powergen controls space, the company was the world’s first to integrate a full-featured auto-mains-failure (AMF) controller with an electronic speed governor controller. The solution became an instant hit upon its launch in the Indian powergen controls space in 2013 and became #1 by business share in India by 2017.

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