Smart Ignition (SI)

Smart Ignition is a novel ignition control technology for all spark-ignited engines. It enables precise execution of ignition timing through real-time, dynamic estimation of load ensuring optimal engine performance under varying speed and load conditions.

SEDEMAC’s Smart Ignition is available as a standalone licensed software. It also comes in a package as ignition hardware (TCI/ CDI) with licensed software. It is now running over 14 million two-wheelers across India in just 6 years from the product launch. A potential benefit of Smart Ignition Technology is the elimination of throttle position sensor.


  • Genset controller with 5 digital inputs, 3 analog inputs and 6 digital outputs
  • Monitors and controls gensets performance effectively
  • Senses genset output voltage and frequency precisely
  • Remote start/ stop feature
  • Deep Sleep Mode feature to prolong the battery life
  • Preheat output for assisting engine start
  • PC connectivity via USB port for customised configuration
  • Backlit and full graphics display with power saving feature
  • Last 30 event logs
  • Version available in display with language options
  • Flexible firmware allowing configuration through PC utility, keypad


What is SEDEMAC’s Smart Ignition offering?

SEDEMAC offers Smart Ignition as standalone licensed software or as packaged ignition hardware (TCI/ CDI) along with licensed software. The choice of the offering is typically based on the business case.

How is the Smart Ignition technology better than other ignition systems?
Who are SEDEMAC’s customers for Smart Ignition?
If I were to license SEDEMAC’s Smart Ignition software, can the Smart Ignition software be installed in my current ignition hardware?
Is Smart Ignition restricted to carburetted engines only?


  • Enables precise execution of ignition timing through real-time, dynamic estimation of load using only crank position sensing
  • Enhanced flexibility to OEMs in deciding ignition maps to better manage fuel economy and performance
  • Applicable to all small spark ignited engines
  • Technology can be incorporated into any digital ignition hardware (CDI/ TCI)
  • Agnostic to age of engine/vehicle, altitude, air-fuel ratio etc.
  • Potential cost saving through elimination of throttle position sensor and associated wiring harness elements
  • Utilizes patent-pending technology involving innovative system theory and signal processing techniques



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