Smart Ignition is a novel ignition control technology for all spark-ignited engines. It enables precise execution of ignition timing through real-time, dynamic estimation of load ensuring optimal engine performance under varying speed and load conditions.

SEDEMAC’s Smart Ignition is available as a standalone licensed software. It also comes in a package as ignition hardware (TCI/ CDI) with licensed software. It is now running over 14 million two-wheelers across India in just 6 years from the product launch. A potential benefit of Smart Ignition Technology is the elimination of throttle position sensor.

  • Enables precise execution of ignition timing through real-time, dynamic estimation of load using only crank position sensing
  • Enhanced flexibility to OEMs in deciding ignition maps to better manage fuel economy and performance
  • Applicable to all small spark ignited engines
  • Technology can be incorporated into any digital ignition hardware (CDI/ TCI)
  • Agnostic to age of engine/vehicle, altitude, air-fuel ratio etc.
  • Potential cost saving through elimination of throttle position sensor and associated wiring harness elements
  • Utilizes patent-pending technology involving innovative system theory and signal processing techniques

1. What is SEDEMAC’s Smart Ignition offering?
Ans: SEDEMAC offers Smart Ignition as standalone licensed software or as packaged ignition hardware (TCI/ CDI) along with licensed software. The choice of the offering is typically based on the business case.

2. How is the Smart Ignition technology better than other ignition systems?
Ans: Ideally, ignition timing should also be a function of loads (and not just engine speed). In the past, solutions for small spark-ignited engines have either used only engine speed infro or have used throttle position sensor (TPS) info as well. Information from the TPS is, at best, a proxy for load. Smart Ignition technology estimates actual loads (not a proxy) from the crank position sensor information alone. Smart Ignition's benefits include:

  • Elimination of throttle position sensor and related accessories
  • Opportunity for improved choice of ignition timing leading to improved torque/performance
  • Self-accommodation of varying operating conditions due to changes in altitude, air-fuel ratios, age of engine etc.

3. Who are SEDEMAC’s customers for Smart Ignition?
Ans: SEDEMAC works directly with major manufacturers/OEMs of small spark ignited engines/vehicles. As of July 2016, Smart Ignition is in use in over 10 million engines / vehicles and across 35+ vehicle models.

4. If I were to license SEDEMAC’s Smart Ignition software, can the Smart Ignition software be installed in my current ignition hardware?
Ans: Smart Ignition is applicable to both digital CDI/ digital TCI without limitations. SEDEMAC’s Smart Ignition software can be implemented on most digital ignition hardware that use micro controllers. It has been implemented on micro-controllers from NXP- Freescale, Renesas, Microchip etc.

5. Is Smart Ignition restricted to carburetted engines only?
Ans: No. Smart Ignition is an ignition technology and is applicable, without limitation, to any fueling system used including fuel-injection.