SEDEMAC’s Spark Ignition Controllers are of two types, TCI (Transistorised Controlled Ignition) and CDI (Capacitor Discharge Ignition). It has an electrical source, an ignition unit to store the source energy and to discharge the energy, sensors to indicate the instance of discharge time, and device to develop the required high voltage to emit spark in spark plug. These TCI/CDI can be used for 2 wheelers, 3 wheelers, stationary gasoline engines, lawn mowers etc. The controller generates required high voltage spark and discharges it to the spark plug in internal combustion engine with precise ignition timing with high ignition capabilities. The controller is fully customizable according to customer requirements, integrated with starter relay control with respect to rpm of the engine.


  • TCI/CDI with starter control and power/economy/side stand indication via LED/Lamp
  • Integrated headlamp controller for 35W/70W headlamp with pass by feature, neutral & clutch switch interface & short circuit protection
  • Integrated with AHO (Automatic Headlamp On), and field programming feature with immobilizer function
  • The controller is fully customizable to customer requirements
  • Starter control, OPS (Oil Pressure Switch), gas solenoid O/P, gas mode indication for 3 wheelers
  • Spark Ignition Controller unit meets the requirement of AIS004 (part 3), SAE J1211, SAE J1113 and ISO 7637- 2,3 for EMI and EMC.


What are the benefits of SEDEMAC’s EFI ECU?

SEDEMAC’s EFI ECU is an eco-friendly solution. With the help of EFI ECU vehicle emits cleaner air to meet stringent emission control norms and provides better fuel consumption.

Is SEDEMAC’s EFI ECU a standalone solution or it can be integrated with other control solutions also?
How EFI ECU works with variation in altitude?
How can I diagnose the problem in case of malfunction of EFI ECU?
How does EFI ECU work in cold start condition?





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