Off-road Engines

SEDEMAC offers engine management solutions for off road engine manufacturers around the world. These solutions are often tailor-made to suit application specific requirements. The company builds in-house systems based on its unique intellectual property and market insight. These solutions are manufactured at SEDEMAC’s automated assembly lines to ensure high quality and are supplied to customers with field-support.

SEDEMAC’s engine management solutions enable off road engines to run cleaner and more efficient. These solutions are integrated in the engine systems to impart greater control over the fuel delivery process and combustion to optimize the engine performance. High performance control algorithms built into ECUs form the core of SEDEMAC’s solutions. Examples of these solutions are:

Smart Ignition
Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) ECU
Common Rail Diesel Injection Engine Controller (CRDI) ECU
Sensorless Integrated Starter Generator (ISG) ECU
Voltage Regulator & Rectifier (VRR) ECU

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