Voltage Regulator & Rectifier (VRR) ECU

SEDEMAC's VRR is the combination of voltage regulator and rectifier circuits embedded in single component. The voltage regulator is the key part of an electrical charging system in 2 & 3 wheelers. It restricts the battery from being overcharged. These are normally single phase and three phase voltage regulators. Voltage rectifier is the distinct and equally important part as the regulator. It converts the alternating current (AC) produced by the stator & rotor flywheel to direct current (DC), which is required to charge battery & the DC operated system.

Voltage rectifier uses a set of diodes as a part of rectifier circuit. The diodes allow the current to flow in a single direction. The diodes filter the negative portion of the AC wave and allow only the positive polarity current to flow. Because of this diode bridge, the electrical current from the stator is rectified onto DC. This DC current is used to charge the vehicle battery.

The voltage regulator does a separate function that monitors battery charge and compares it with the predefined regulation point. When the battery charge reaches the regulation point, the regulator control circuit closes the switch with the help of SCR (Silicon Controlled Rectifiers), making a direct connection to the ground. This process dissipates heat throughout the regulator body as excess current is bled off to maintain constant voltage. SEDEMAC VRR body is designed in such a way that it not only protects the internal components from dust, vibration and other elements, but also efficiently dissipates the heat, providing higher reliability and longer product life.


  • Controlled regulated AC voltage for lighting circuit
  • Provides rectified DC voltage for ignition unit, horn and other DC loads
  • Compatible for EMI generated by the ignition system of the vehicle
  • Protection against battery reversal and short circuit
  • Complies with the applicable regulatory requirements, as per JIS and ECE standards


What is SEDEMAC’s VRR offering?

SEDEMAC offers stabilized and regulated AC & DC power supply to vehicle for uninterrupted and smooth operation of vehicle and battery charging. SEDEMAC’s VRR offers best-in-class reliability with higher customer satisfaction.

What is the USP for SEDEMAC’s VRR?
Who are SEDEMAC’s customers for VRR?
Does SEDEMAC’s VRR withstand the transient conditions simulated at vehicle level?
Is SEDEMAC’s VRR resistant to the environmental conditions?
What different variants does SEDEMAC offer?


Operating temperature: - 10 ̊ C to 80 ̊ C
Humidity: 95 ~ 98 %
Efficiency: >95% min. throughout the operating speed.
Load regulation: <2% 

  • 1 - ph input, series - regulated AC and DC outputs
  • 1 - ph input, series - regulated DC output
  • 1 - ph input, shunt - regulated AC output, series - regulated DC output
  • 3 - ph input, series - regulated DC output



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