Motor Control

SEDEMAC’s motor control solutions include brushless motor control products to support bi-directional power flow for various applications in automotive powertrains. The company houses infrastructure to design and manufacture motor controllers to directly serve original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) of automotive powertrains around the world.

The traditional approach to designing motor control solutions for automotive powertrains has been to utilize as much position sensing hardware as possible in an attempt to impart the advantages of redundancy and superior performance to the application. While such an approach has its own merits, it does not always result in a cost-effective solution.

SEDEMAC focus is to apply principles from electromagnetism to create a “sensor-less application” while not compromising on the overall system performance to develop motor control solutions. Such an approach is cost-effective solution due to its inherent utilization of software in place of sensing hardware. More importantly, it also paves the path for new applications that the traditional, sensor-based approach didn’t permit due to its limitations in extreme operating conditions such as high temperature. Examples of these solutions are :

Range of Motor Control Solutions

Sensorless Integrated Starter Generator (ISG) ECU
Electric Vehicle Motor Controller Unit

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