SEDEMAC’s ISG-EFI technology integrates ISG (Integrated Starter Generator), which eliminates the conventional starter-motor based engine start system, with control intensive technology EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection) system together in single ECU. Elimination of hall-effect sensor also results in simplified electric machine design.

This ECU can be used in 2 & 3 wheelers with crankshaft mounted alternator. The combination of ISG-EFI ECU provides instant and smooth engine start, along with cleaner exhaust emission, to meet stringent emission norms. Integration of two technologies leads to avoid duplication of parts, which results in cost saving. This technology is integrated with the algorithms that deliver improved reliability in varied atmospheric conditions.

SEDEMAC's Sensorless ISG has now hit the market … Adopted first on a high-volume 2-Wh model of a major OEM!


  • SEDEMAC’s ISG-EFI solution provides higher product reliability, smooth and struggle-free cranking with cleaner exhaust emission, and better fuel consumption
  • With the ISG, the entire starter-motor system is eliminated, thereby improving overall reliability
  • ISG is the most suited technology for incorporating idle-start stop functionality. There is no need for a starter motor that supports higher start-stop duties; and EFI provides OEMs the flexibility of achieving best-in-class fuel consumption
  • EFI applications are designed to support operation with a wide range of injectors, pumps, and sensors seen in EFI systems
  • Integration of two technologies leads to avoid the duplication of parts providing a perfect cost-effective solution to the customer.


What is unique about SEDEMAC's ISG-EFI solution?

SEDEMAC's ISG solution offers a sensor-less electric machine architecture. More specifically, no hall-sensors are used / required. This unique patent-pending technology integrated with EFI, provides significant benefits of:

  • Improved reliability: the OEM does not have to worry about hall-sensor reliability in a typically hostile temperature or oil bath environment; and EFI controls the air fuel ration for better fuel consumption
  • Minimal changes to electric machine design / manufacture: the OEM does not have to go through a new electric machine design process. SEDEMAC's solution architecture enables use of a class of electric machines which are widely used in today's starter-motor based systems
What are the benefits of SEDEMAC’s ISG-EFI ECU?
How does ISG-EFI work in cold start condition?






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