Integrator Starter Generator (ISG) is a technology that eliminates the need for conventional starter-motor based engine start systems. ISG results in instant and smooth engine start, improved reliability and also enables idle stop-start feature.

SEDEMAC offers ISG ECUs for small engines with crankshaft mounted alternators (like used in two-wheelers). The forward looking ECU architecture design enables integration of electronics of other control intensive technologies such as Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) & Automated Manual Transmission (AMT). It integrates engine starting, battery charging and ignition control resulting in a centralised and intelligent control of overall engine/vehicle operation.

1. Why is ISG better than conventional starter motor system?
Ans: ISG has several advantages, such as:

  • The entire starter motor system is eliminated thereby improving overall reliability
  • ISG is the most suited technology for incorporating idle-start stop functionality. In particular, there is no need for a starter motor that supports higher start-stop duties
  • ISG provides instant, "cool" starts. The engine just "comes to life" and there is no "cranking noise" or struggle
  • Improved start reliability and improved user confidence for starts. This is particularly useful in situations involving repeated starts such as in stop-go traffic
  • ISG systems typically draw lesser currents (vis-à-vis starter motor systems) thereby aiding improvement in battery life

2. What all parts are removed if I use SEDEMAC's ISG?
Ans: ISG eliminates all components of the starter motor system as well as the ignition controller and battery charging controller. Typically the following parts are eliminated: starter motor, starter-motor-associated one-way clutch/gearing, starter relay, ignition CDI/TCI, VRR (voltage regulator). These parts are replaced by a single part -- SEDEMAC's ISG ECU.What all parts are removed after ISG integration

3. What is unique about SEDEMAC's ISG solution?
Ans: SEDEMAC's ISG solution offers a sensorless electric machine architecture. More specifically, no hall sensors are used/required. This unique patent-pending technology provides significant benefits of:

  • Improved reliability: the OEM does not have to worry about hall sensor reliability in a typically hostile temperature or oil bath environment
  • Minimal changes to electric machine design/manufacture: the OEM does not have to go through a new electric machine design process. SEDEMAC's solution architecture enables use of a class of electric machines which are widely used in today's starter-motor based systems

  • Unique sensorless electric machine control (patent pending) design. Eliminates need for use of hall sensors resulting in improved reliability and simplified electric machine design.
  • Series type power regulation method resulting in improved generation efficiency
  • Ignition control utilizing SEDEMAC’s Smart Ignition technology
  • Built-in idle-stop-start control resulting in fuel efficiency improvement