Electric Vehicle (EV) Controls


SEDEMAC has been developing a suite of products for OEMs participating in the EV story. SEDEMAC provides complete control and power electronics solution-set for 48V electric vehicle (EV) and hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) systems. The portfolio includes motor controllers, battery management systems, and DC/DC converters.

SEDEMAC’s sensorless motor controls offering, Weber, is a product-series of Field Oriented Control (FOC) enabled BLDC motor controllers. These controllers operate two control loops; the inner control loop controlling machine currents for optimal torque generation, and the outer control loop controlling torque reference and field weakening logic. Weber also has a regenerative braking logic for energy efficient operation of the vehicle.

Weber comes in two variants – Weber-S; is suitable for lower power (~2 kW) applications, while Weber-D; is designed for mid power (~10 kW) applications.



Weber S:
  • Input: 48V nominal voltage
  • Output: 60A line RMS continuous current
  • Field Oriented Control enabled
  • Compatible for hybrid two-wheeler applications with built-in engine controls module
Weber D:
  • Input: 48V nominal voltage
  • Output: Designed for 200A line RMS continuous current
  • Field Oriented Control enabled
  • Double PCB architecture with separate mother boards and aluminium substrate power board


  • Unique sensorless BLDC controls at zero-speed (patent pending)
  • Unlike traditional sensorless algorithms which operate only at high motor speeds, SEDEMAC’s motor controllers can provide full starting torque from zero-speed. This eliminates the need for high end encoders
  • State-of-the-art motor control FOC algorithms such as MTPA (Maximum Torque Per Ampere), field weakening, and regenerative braking, provide high efficiency power conversion, and smooth torque output



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