Electric Vehicle Motor Controller Unit (MCU) Controls

EV Motor Controller Unit (MCU)

SEDEMAC offers Brush-less Direct Current (BLDC) as well as Induction Motor control solutions for hybrid power assist and full electric application. Our motor control strategy employs sensor-less control algorithm for BLDC motor, and variable frequency drive control algorithm for induction motor, which is designed to efficiently produce torque as requested by the driver throughout a specified vehicle speed range. During regeneration, SEDEMAC's unique hardware topology efficiently charges the battery by reducing the heat losses using series control strategy while performing under varying load conditions as desired by the OEM.


  • BLDC motor control - using SEDEMAC's sensor-less control
  • Induction motor control - using SEDEMAC's variable frequency drive control
  • Charging schemes - using SEDEMAC's series control


What is SEDEMAC’s CR-ECU offering?

CR-ECU is an electrically operated injection system for LCVs, MCVs and HCVs, designed to help meet the emission norms.

What is unique about SEDEMAC's CR-ECU solution?
Who can be SEDEMAC’s customers for CR-ECU?
Are these ECUs BSVI compliant?




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