Engine Management

SEDEMAC’s engine management solutions encompass fuel delivery and ignition control products for automotive and off-highway engines. The company designs and manufacturers engine control units (ECUs) for a variety of engine systems powered by gasoline, diesel, and natural gas, and directly serves original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) of engines around the world.

The traditional approach to designing engine control solutions has been to utilize as much sensing and actuation hardware as possible in an attempt to impart the advantages of redundancy and superior performance to the engine application. While such an approach has its own merits, it does not always result in lean, reliable, cost-effective solutions.

SEDEMAC takes the clean sheet approach to develop engine control solutions. The focus is to apply first principles in physics as much as possible to the application on hand with a motive to eliminate the redundant sensing and actuation hardware while not compromising on the system performance. Such an approach is “software heavy”, as opposed to the traditional “hardware heavy” approach and often results in improved reliability and cost-effectiveness. The company offers following solutions :

Smart Ignition
Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) ECU
Common Rail Diesel Engine (CRDI) ECU
Electronic Governors
Integrated Genset Controller (GC1200)
Integrated Genset Controller (GC2599)

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