Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) ECU

Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) refers to a technology of introducing pressurized fuel for purposes of combustion. A typical EFI system for single-cylinder, spark-ignited 2 and 3 wheelers, consists primarily of an injector, a fuel pump, an ECU, a suite of sensors and a throttle body. EFI systems usually allow much tighter control of the exhaust’s air-fuel ratio, and thus substantially enhance the operational efficiency of the catalytic converters. A move to EFI (from carburetion) is considered imperative, to meet the future emission norms, for countries planning to manufacture increased volumes of 2 & 3 wheelers. In addition, EFI also promises to provide minor improvements in fuel consumption in comparison to the best performing carburettors in the market today.


  • SEDEMAC offers Electronic Control Units for 2 & 3 wheeler EFI systems
  • These ECUs also incorporate state-of-the-art control software routines for various emission, fuel consumption and performance demands
  • SEDEMAC's ECUs for EFI application also incorporate SEDEMAC's Smart Ignition technology for control of the ignition system, providing OEMs the flexibility of achieving best-in-class fuel consumption
  • SEDEMAC offers its ECUs to OEMs for standalone ECU application, or for vehicles which have EFI implemented along with control technologies such as ISG, AMT, etc.
  • SEDEMAC's ECUs for EFI application are designed to support operation with a wide range of injectors, pumps and sensors seen in EFI systems


What are the benefits of SEDEMAC’s EFI ECU?

SEDEMAC’s EFI ECU is an eco-friendly solution. With the help of EFI ECU vehicle emits cleaner air to meet stringent emission control norms and provides better fuel consumption.

Is SEDEMAC’s EFI ECU a standalone solution or it can be integrated with other control solutions also?
How EFI ECU works with variation in altitude?
How can I diagnose the problem in case of malfunction of EFI ECU?
How does EFI ECU work in cold start condition?



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