As a technology company in the engines and powertrains space, SEDEMAC closely collaborates with leading original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) around the world to build control solutions. A key strength of SEDEMAC’s offering is its focus on the end user application using its own intellectual property and build controller platforms that are scalable. Such an approach helps the realization of high quality solutions at costs palatable for the end user.

SEDEMAC serves four broad classes of powertrain applications: 2&3 wheelers, off-road engines, power generators and automotive. A common thread in these applications is the need to have a controls solution that delivers high fuel efficiency, reliability and performance at acceptable exhaust emission, footprint and cost. To effectively address the inherent tradeoff among these requirements, the company offers a business model that comprises of research and development efforts combined with in-house manufacturing capabilities.

A gauge of the impact created in the engines and powertrains applications space is the number of deployments in a given geography. A testimony to SEDEMAC’s contribution in 2 and 3 wheeler powertrains market is the count of cumulative deployments achieved by its Smart Ignition solution: 15 million units over 2013–2018 on Indian roads. Another corroboration of the company’s impact lies in the power generators controls space. Over 2013–2018, the company grew its position from scratch to become #1 in the market share in India, and has also hit a cumulative deployment count of 125,000.

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