Automated Manual Transmissions (AMT) ECU

Automated Manual Transmissions (AMT) technology replaces the clutch and gear change operations of human drivers. SEDEMAC offers Electronic Control Units / Transmission Control Units (ECUs / TCUs) for 2 & 3-wheeler AMT systems. Application of AMT (going from manual shifts to automated shifts) in scooters allows retaining their gearless operation advantage while significantly improving their fuel economy performance as compared to CVT. SEDEMAC offers its AMT ECUs / TCUs to OEMs as standalone AMT application or for vehicles in which AMT along with control technologies such as ISG EFI. etc. can be integrated. Such integration helps avoid duplication of electronic components and provides OEMs the flexibility to incorporate vehicle-level performance functionality, offered by different control-intensive technologies, seamlessly and without restrictions.


  • Dual benefit of better fuel efficiency of a motorcycle and convenience of a scooter
  • Replace the clutch and gear shift operations of human drivers
  • Technology that can synchronise the timing and torque required to make quick and smooth gear shifts
  • Reduces driver fatigue and allows to integrate paddle shifts for sporty feel while driving
  • Can be packaged with ISG (Integrated starter generator), ignition controller, etc. to avoid duplication of electronic components


What are the benefits of SEDEMAC’s EFI ECU?

SEDEMAC’s EFI ECU is an eco-friendly solution. With the help of EFI ECU vehicle emits cleaner air to meet stringent emission control norms and provides better fuel consumption.

Is SEDEMAC’s EFI ECU a standalone solution or it can be integrated with other control solutions also?
How EFI ECU works with variation in altitude?
How can I diagnose the problem in case of malfunction of EFI ECU?
How does EFI ECU work in cold start condition?




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