Automated Manual Transmissions (AMT) refer to the technology that automating cluthcing and gearing actions of "manual transmissions". In other words, AMT systems replace the clutching and gear change operations of human drivers. It is useful to note that AMT systems are markedly different from "automatic transmissions" that use torque converters. AMT provides users the benefit of ease of driving (going from manual shifts to automated shifts) while allowing for improvement in fuel consumption since optimal shifts are now possible.

AMT is particularly relevant choice of transmission technology for "scooters". Most scooters use belt-driven continuously variable transmissions (CVTs) which are inherently far less efficient than gearbox-based transmissions (seen on most motorcycles). Application of AMT in scooters allows retaining their gearless operation advantage while significantly improving their fuel economy performance.

SEDEMAC offers Electronic Control Units/Transmission Control Units (ECUs/TCUs) for 2 & 3 wheeler AMT systems. SEDEMAC offers its AMT ECUs/TCUs to OEMs for standalone AMT application or for vehicles which have AMT along with control technologies such as ISG, EFI etc. Such integration helps avoid duplication of electronic components and provides OEMs the flexibility to incorporate vehicle-level performance functionality, offered by different control-intensive technologies, seamlessly and without restrictions.