We bring a rarely-seen combination to the table.

We ceaselessly pursue development of world-first technology offerings. We strive to bring to life technologies and products whose value is compelling thereby allowing us to attempt changing paradigms.

Examples of such offerings from SEDEMAC includes its Smart Ignition solution for small, spark ignited engines. This solution utilizes an algorithm to estimate loads in real-time thereby providing significant flexibility in the choice of the appropriate spark timing. The company’s recently developed sensorless Integrated Starter Generator (ISG) solution is another such example. SEDEMAC’s sensorless ISG solution has potential applicability on all small engines produced in the world due to its unique ability to use a standard crankshaft mounted alternator as a highly reliable starter.

Our desire is that our offerings see widespread use. We are successful sometimes. Over the last 6 years, SEDEMAC’s products have now touched over 18 million motorcycles/scooters and ~270,000 diesel generator sets. We seek such widespread deployments in markets we address.

Our customers are large OEMs. SEDEMAC understands that every original equipment manufacturers (OEM) is unique and has different needs, specific to their products. A go-to-partner for many leading OEMs in India, SEDEMAC strongly believes that open-ness to incorporate customer-specific requirements is key to success in the world that is shaping up.