Who We Are


Who we are

At its core, SEDEMAC is the coming together of talented engineers with the zeal for development and large scale deployment of innovative control technologies. We started as a small lab-based enterprise on the campus of the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay and have now grown into a high volume supplier of critical controllers/ECUs that incorporate our novel motor and engine control technologies.

The company’s technologies have been deployed on millions of vehicles and hundreds of thousands of generators. Our current big technology bet is around sensorless motor control. Our mission is to accelerate high volume deployment of this novel technology for control of 100s of millions/billions of motors/electric machines over the next decade.

Our Customers

Since our propositions tend to be fundamental control technology for large markets, our customers tend to be large vehicle/motor/engine manufacturers with significant market presence and strong internal engineering teams. Further, since fresh technology deployment across multiple platforms of our customers spans several years, we tend to get into long term relationships with our customers. We also tend to be amongst a small set of technology companies amongst the supplier base of our customers.

Our Employees

We pride ourselves on being able to attract and retain a great set of creative engineers — responsible for creation of technologies and products that we offer. We believe we have been able to institute a great working environment that emphasises respect for the individual, focus on what is being said as opposed who is saying it, creativity and honesty.